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Funny entries in the #TsogoSale "Entreprenurs need a break" Giveaway

Some really creative entries came in on the TsogoSun #TsogoSale weekend giveaway that I recently did. Thought I post them all here. Nice effort chaps. Winner : Shaun Trennery! Let's just hope he keeps the corporate jargon for when he's talking to clients. You don't want to deep dive too much while engaging stakeholders, or you might as well take it offline. Enjoy the holiday Shaun! Question was: Why do you as an intrapreneur/entrepreneur deserve a break? @ shauntrennery : When I used “eat the elephant one bite at a time” twice in conversation yesterday I knew it was time for a break #TsogoSale cc @andyhadfield *WINNER @ lazygamers : @andyhadfield #TsogoSale I need to win. I can't give you a great reason as I'm so freaking run down :( (A very close second for @lazygamers - Andy) @ tyronbarnard : @andyhadfield My superhero tights have left me desperately needing a tan #tsogosale @ D1sturbed_Angel : @andyhadfield Had a new baby 8 weeks ago and having

Entrepreneurs / Intrapreneurs deserve a holiday too! #TsogoSale [GIVEAWAY]

Entrepreneurs and Intrapreneurs (they're people too!) don't often get a break. It takes a certain kind of commitment to launch a business, whether it's your own, or inside a bigger corporate. Hell I'm typing this up at 22h00 so it can be posted before I hop on a plane to Cape Town to run around trying to sell Real Time Wine to people. And I got vomited on 3 times yesterday by the young one. Good times! The kind folk from Tsogo Sun are having a 30% off sale. Trying to encourage people to pre-book that break they know they're going to forget about. In order to get some buzz going, they're asking me to give away a Weekend for 2 at a Tsogo Sun Hotel to an entrepreneur/intrapreneur that needs a break. That's pretty rad. Sure, why not! Here's some more info: The good folks at Tsogo Sun launch their #TsogoSale this morning and you have the opportunity to snap up a cheeky lil getaway during December 2012 / January 2013 for a 30% discount.    Sale

Does your business need an app?

Business, small and large are becoming increasingly obsessed with digital platforms. And with good reason. But like any new industry, we need to ask the tough questions up front. Do we really need all the shiny new toys? Does your business really need a smartphone app or mobile app? What follows is the transcript of an interesting chat I had with Jessica Hubbard of Finweek . Some of the thoughts were featured in an article of hers, but we went into a lot more details - so I'm posting the full interview here. Hope you find some tidbits in here. --- snip --- Jessica Hubbard: When does it make sense for a business (particularly SMMEs) to develop an app? Andy Hadfield: Apps are all about a mobile experience, a single-purpose focus - and target market. So, think through those questions as an SME. What part of your business/proposition is best experience in a mobile environment? Is there one or two things that you can do simply and efficiently through an app (that your custome

ZA Tech Show Episode 220 - Poppin XSYN's cherry

Sam Beckbessinger attempts to herd the cats that are newcomer Guy Taylor  and veterans Andy Hadfield and Brett Haggard in this week’s episode: RIM’s future direction with Blackberry and a sneak peak at the Blackberry10 Alpha Device. Microsoft doing away with the Windows 8 Metro naming convention, the official launch of Office 365 in South Africa. The panel’s thoughts on WordPress, SharePoint and the CMS/Knowledge Management space. What’s happening in the PFM space, including the launch of Nedbank’s My FinancialLife. The overall quality of the local apps landscape. The World Wide Web’s 21st Birthday. Our technology picks of the week are: Andy Hadfield – The Walking Dead comic book series and Google Hangouts. Guy Taylor – and the Curiosity Mars Rover. Brett Haggard – SmoothSync for iCloud and Daniel Suarez’s new book, Kill Decision. Sam Beckbessinger – Unbabyme Chrome Plugin and Comic book lover for iPad. Download video and audio from the ZA TECH SHOW

Utility is key to social media strategy [INTERVIEW]

Here's the transcript of quite a fun interview I did with ITWEB on the new "social" economy. Must say, I'm getting a lot more realistic about what's working and what's not. There's way too much buzz out there about the world of social media. Perhaps I'm just getting old and grumpy :) Anyway, some nice soundbites in here. --- snip --- Andy Hadfield is the keynote speaker at ITWeb's Social Media Summit, scheduled for mid-August. He will speak about how our culture is affected by the technology around us, and the social and market changes this technology is causing. We had the opportunity to get his views on doing business in the social media age on Twitter. ITWeb conducted the live interview yesterday afternoon and a few followers joined the discussion. Below is a transcript. Andy Hadfield (AH): Ok. We're about to start the Twitter Interview with ITWeb – join in on #AskAndyH – I find using TwitterFall works well for stream... I

ZA Tech Show Episode 217 - The Klout

With no set agenda, Andy Hadfield, Dave Greenway and Brett Haggard get stuck into some tech-rambling and discuss: The launch of Realtime Wine (general startup insights) Dropbox space getting doubled (and rad tweaks for Mac OS X iPhoto and iTunes) Why you shouldn’t buy the Macbook Pro R The fact that Jellybean is out there Cell C has the iPhone Vodacom’s roaming prices The Game of Thrones MMO (yawn); and Amazing Alex from Rovio. Our technology picks of the week: Dave Greenway: CheatSheet and Get more Space on Dropbox and Macbook Pro non-Retina (and swap out the Superdrive for a HDD bracket). Andy Hadfield: GetGlue and paid update to Groove 2 on the appstore. Brett Haggard: Tweetbot for Mac OS X (high resolution version). AUDIO and ORIGINAL SITE

Startup Strategies. Behind the scenes of Real Time Wine.

This is a pretty honest and open chat I had with No Picket Fence founder Michael Cowen. We deal with the Angel / VC industry in SA, doing a startup with a digital agency , the ups, the downs, the future monetisation strategy. I'm bowled over by all the support that Real Time Wine is getting as a startup. Let's hope the traction continues. Almost feel like I owe it to y'all :) On another note. Google Hangouts (which is how Michael created this video) is bloody awesome. Finally, a company is adding actual UTILITY into a social network. Apologies for the frame that Youtube chose to front this video. It's horrific. I promise I hadn't been drinking. Much.

Nokia South Africa and Seether crowdsourcing fan videos for next music video

It's not original - but pretty cool to see it happening on local South African shores. Submit fan videos, be included in a real music video. I like the engagement. In a world so stuffed with fluffy content and shitty content that nobody cares about - here's a real reason to go out and create something. And it'll generate some fun conversation at the same time - to a niche, relevant audience. #twothumbsup INFO : Nokia South Africa , together with FanAxion and  the South African rock band Seether,  have announced they will be jointly creating the band’s latest music video, Here and Now,  using footage from Seether’s most loyal fans. Fans will be challenged to film various scenes from a prescribed story board and the best video clips will be edited into a version of the band’s next music video.  This initiative was conceptualized by FanAxion along with Nokia to promote engagement with the bands and music people love to listen to on their smartphones.