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ZA Tech Show Episode 203 - Bands & Buybacks

Your crew this week consists of Andy Hadfield, Brett Haggard and Dave Greenway who discuss: Andy and Brett’s experiences from SxSW. The Nike+ Fuelband. Apple’s share buyout and dividend announcement. The new iPad. Hardcore gaming – dead or happier than ever? Our technology picks this week: Andy Hadfield – Highlight . Dave Greenway – Air Video , Adonit Jot Stylus , Olloclip . Brett Haggard – Windows 8 consumer preview . Download the video or audio of the ZA Tech Show here ...

MINDBULLET: If you're anonymous, you're a terrorist (Dateline: 14 September 2021)

I love the direction that this MindBullet is going in. The battle between public vs private, anonymous vs real name and regulations vs freedom - these are the colossal battles of our time. Our future as business and how we exist in the world as consumers will be defined by who wins these battles. And the scariest thing? Most consumers have no idea they're going on. Most consumers have no idea the power hackers have to disrupt an economic or regulated system. They have no idea the implications of not caring about your privacy. It reminds me a little of the Journey of Self slide in my Future Kids Future Customers keynote . 1950's to 1980's - Myself. Technology wasn't pervasive. Your word was your bond, people knew you by your face and your reputation. 1980's to 2000 - Online Self. The invention of the "handle". You could exist as a different personality online (think Second Life etc.) 2002ish onwards - Oneself. Enter Zuckerburg, his pre-cronies

Living in South Africa. The Meme.

I love this meme. And I love it's commentary on perceptions about South Africa. If you don't like this country, leave. There are plenty of people around who do!

Real Time Wine Angel Investment deal announcement!

Howdy dear Readers... Really stoked and extremely honoured to be able to officially announce that Real Time Wine (my little drinking hobby turned startup) has closed an Angel Investment round. What you see up on the website at the moment is the content pilot, an early proof of traction attempt more than anything else. What's cooking up at Prezence (our dev partners) is a full mobile, tablet and smartphone experience. Glad I can finally announce it. Should be cool :) We wanted to announce this for a couple of reasons... To give the local funding ecosystem something to talk about. Plenty of angel deals happen, but they don't get talked about, which leads to this weird belief that either there is no funding available for tech startups, or that the money isn't getting invested. Both are untrue. With a pitch and a plan (provided they're great) there is every chance of getting a concept funded to prototype stage. To let you know that a blog-on-steroids (pretty mu

All the content from SXSW 2012...

Just arrived back from SXSW 2012. Wow. What an experience, again. This really should be a calendarised event for anyone touching the digital industry in South Africa. Corporate or Entrepreneur, doesn't matter. Wanted to share some of the content here... Again, thank you SXSW for fueling my keynote content for the next year! Day 1 digital trends and content # Pre Conference # Don Tapscott on our future in a society of networked intelligence. # Bing Gordon on Gamification and Social Media. Ex EA Exec, now on the board of Zynga and a big VC player. Particularly love his reference to the positive feedback loop in play in a cost centre vs a profit centre. Game layer for HR? Hells yeah. Day 2 digital trends and content # Dave McClure. The Lean Startup. There is so much we can learn in South Africa from the US startup model. They really have perfected the launch-feedback-iterate cycle. # Dave Hogue. The Complexity Curve. Simpler UX. # Steven Levy. The Wars of Tech.

SXSW 2012. Trend scanning. Sponsored by Discovery South Africa

Brett Haggard and I are delighted to announce that Discovery South Africa has come on board as a trip sponsor for our SXSW 2012 trip. We are both very fortunate to have a speaker slot on the 13th March where we'll be hosting a core conversation on the topic: "You Don't Need Bandwidth To Be Awesome". It's an examination of how Africans manage to innovate in the technology space despite lack of infrastructure. First world Texas is a great place to be talking about African entrepreneurship! As well as the talk, we'll be hunting down the defining technology trends of 2012 and bringing them back to the teams at Discovery in Johannesburg for a series of workshops. All the content we gather on this quest will be shared with you, probably via Storify (next gen curation tool that I've written about before). Keep an eye on this blog and our respective Twitter streams ( @andyhadfield and @brettski ) and we'll push out the link from time to time. You can see