Nedbank goes to the SPAM side...

I don't want it to be my place to point out the blatant disregard for privacy law. I don't want this blog descending into cynicism, or being overly critical of companies as they start maturing into digital marketing - but sheez louise. You would think a BANK knew better!?

Picture me as a marketing segment.

* 24-32 age group
* own a house (they should know this)
* own a car (they should also know this)
* have investment accounts / good credit record (easily discovered)

Then, PLEASE, someone explain how the marketing department of Nedbank can be so DOF as to send this SMS, out of the blue:

"Need Cash? You are invited to come into any
Nedbank branch and apply for a personal loan.
For queries or to unsubscribe, call 0860 103 582."

AGH... It's incorrectly targetted (in my opinion). It's unsolicited (SPAM). And it's irritating.

Do banks share marketing databases? I have never, ever owned a Nedbank account or entered a Nedbank marketing drive / competition. Someone's sharing. And someone needs to make an example of them.

I called the call centre. Business hours only. So I left a message requesting an unsubscribe. Will let you all know what happens!


  1. Nedbank's building up quite a reputation for being a spammer. You're not the only person I've heard compaining. The most annoying part is that the unsolicited messages they send are also generic/untargetted. They suck!

  2. Here I thought I'm the only 1 feeling that way! I HATE SMS SPAM.

    Nedbank, if we wanted a loan we would apply for one, thank you very much. We know you lend money, no need to tell us that.

  3. Yip, it stinks of a marketing director JUST NOT THINKING. Such a pity - because the medium could be used really well.

    To be fair - I phoned the call centre, left them a message to unsubscribe me - and they called back, same day, and took me off the list. HOPEFULLY, this means I'm off the spam hook - anything could happen though...


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