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Doing good, now free on Tshwane wifi

Excited to announce another partnership in the forgood stable. This one is particularly interesting as it has real ramifications in bring the tools of "social citizenship" within the grasp of a bigger section of society. Most important part of this story? The clever folks at Project Isizwe have zero-rated usage of the forgood platform for anyone connected to the Tshwane Free Wifi Project - which means it won't affect each user's daily 250mb browsing cap. The news below... Welcome to the forgood family, Tshwane! --- snip --- The City of Tshwane has launched an initiative known as Tshwane forgood on the City of Tshwane’s Free WiFi network. This initiative is in partnership with Project Isizwe, Happimo and forgood.   Tshwane forgood is an online platform that connects citizens who want to volunteer time or donate goods with registered and vetted non-profit organisations. It makes finding ways to give back quick, easy, fun and free – all users connected to Ts

#uberforgood cleans up

Here's an update on the recent #uberforgood campaign where South Africans where able to use Ubers to pick up donations, drop them off at our forgood depots and then we used the forgood platform to match these donations out to Causes that could really use them. Below you'll find some stats, numbers and stories from the campaign. Donations are about 90% allocated at present. Thank you South Africa, you were awesome. Enjoy the campaign video! --- snip --- South Africa, 16 September 2015: More than a thousand pairs of shoes, piles of clothing, 10 baby seats, a couch, a few sets of golf clubs, computers, laptops and a box of cellphones – these are just some of the goods collected through the #uberforgood spring clean campaign that exploded on Twitter on the 08th of September. Individuals and corporates were asked in the spirit of generosity to clean out their closets as part of the #uberforgood campaign, which saw Uber driver partners collecting items, at no cost,

Spear Phishing & the Mimecast Human Firewall Event

Spear Phishing. Not the fun kind. Doesn’t result in fish braais. “ I would never click a phishing link ” – the most commonly overheard phrase from people who are likely to click a phishing link. Internet security is a deep, black hole of scary stuff that we try our very best to ignore. I actually have a slide dedicated to this in one of my talks ( Future Kids Future Customers ) that walks people through how many colossal security breaches have happened in the last 2 years – and how little we seem to care. And those are the public ones that are reports, not the ones the banks don’t disclose. I met one of those people the other day. She’d had her bank account hacked and had R30k odd drained. Bank insisted she’d clicked on a phishing email. She insisted she hadn’t. While I’d like to trust her, I suspect she got had. And that made me sad. Mimecast are doing some interesting stuff around enterprise protection against these kind of attacks. And they’re holding a conference if you wa

The #uberforgood Spring Clean. SA's easiest way to donate!

I'm really excited to announce one of the (in my opinion) most innovative donation based campaigns that South Africa has ever seen. This is a taster of what's possible when a platform like forgood can collaborate with global technology brands. Scale. Sexiness. Impact in the social sector. Exposing people to how they can get involved and make a difference in this country. Building social citizens . Hello to our new friends, Uber South Africa - and welcome to the #uberforgood Spring Clean campaign. You're going to see a lot of information hit social and traditional media over the next week. Here's a taster. Importantly - you now have exactly 1 week to prepare. The campaign runs on Tuesday 8 September. Go find some stuff that our incredible collection of Causes can put to use in communities around the country. Here's the lowdown. HOW WILL #uberforgood WORK? Bag up your spring cleaned clothing, household items and box up your appliances, electronics and