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The MyBEER Heroes Club

Off the back of the success of the Real Time Wine SuperFANS Club - really excited to see our other platform client moving in the same direction. Micro communities of highly engaged users are incredibly powerful. There's also a little @sweden easter egg in there, a very cool campaign we may start soon. Here's all the info: --- snip --- New beer meeting space as MyBeer Heroes Club launched The MyBeer Heroes Club, launched last night, hopes to inspire South African brewers and beer lovers to share their beer experiences. Spurred on by the growing beer movement, the MyBeer Heroes Club is centred around the new MyBeer app- commissioned by The South African Breweries- which aims to provide a platform for beer lovers to rate and review their brews. “The plan is that the MyBeer Heroes Club will encourage interaction between lovers of beer:  SAB brewers, craft brewers, home brewers, social media influencers, journalists and bloggers,” said SAB’s Head of Communications, Ro

#ManDay. Now you VOTE!

Some very cool submissions for the ManDay campaign . Now. You VOTE . So yours truly and some of the wonderful peeps that took part can go on a Sporting Experience. Oh - and I'm sure you figured it out. But #ManDay... it's all about the MINI Paceman. They have this... very manly positioning. So they're sponsoring us a day. By us, I mean ALL MEN. A day where we can loaf off, smoke cigars, scratch our asses, watch sport and drink beer. Stereotypes HO! But who wouldn't want to do that? Anyhoo. Go VOTE FOR ME . Thank you. #thatisall

#ManDay is coming. What makes a Man a Man? [COMPETITION]

OK! Here's the deal... Men. #ManDay is coming. A day for cigars and steak, not nappies and paperwork. It's on the 20th May 2013. And to prepare for it - I've been asked, to ask you, to help me come up with the Top 5 Things That Make A Man A Man. We're then going to go head to head with some other bloggers/personalities and if we win. 5 of you and me will get a pimping "sport experience". Those are all the details I got. I repeat: Tell me via Facebook / Twitter or in the comments below what makes a Man a Man I'll choose the Top 5 We go head to head against other bloggers with some crowd voting If we win, the 5 best of your submissions and I win a rad "sporting experience". Let's get to it. I'll collate all the crowdsourcing below. Make it funny. Make me cry. Get all testosteroney on each other. Yee haw! CROWDSOURCING: THE TOP 5 THINGS THAT MAKE A MAN A MAN. which we can now call... THE TOP 30 THINGS THAT MAKE A MAN A M

Man Day is coming...

Cool little campaign I'm getting involved in for the next 2 weeks. Man Day. What could be better. Keep an eye on the blog / twitter feed for details. More info about the campaign here: .

ZA Tech Show Episode 255 - Too Cool For School

Brett Haggard, Steven Ambrose, Andy Hadfield and a bottle of DMZ Chardonnay get together this week to discuss, at length: A report back from Microsoft’s Tech-Ed; Why is cool so important in tech today? Is the new cutting edge in hardware or software? Galaxy S4 coming soon and the question is the battery life; How impressive the Kobo store is; The content ecosystem and landscape; The appetite for 7-inch Android tablets; and The possibility of a new Blackberry tablet Our technology picks of the week are: Steven Ambrose picks ‘Fake Follower Check’ on and the Samsung Galaxy Note 8.0; Andy Hadfield picks on ‘The Internet’, picks @Earth_pics on Twitter and TuneUp in Mac App Store; and Brett Haggard picks the new Macheist nano bundle. Click through to stream or download the audio of the show!