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What's Your Story? The power of storytelling for social impact...

Heartlines is the biggest shareholder of forgood. They're a fairly large non-profit that uses media to do values based education across the country. Not only do they have a new movie coming out in March - Beyond the River (it's really good, have seen a pre-screening)... But they have also launched a new digital campaign which I'm particularly interested in. It's called #WhatsYourStory and aims to use the Internet to scale storytelling in South Africa. Because storytelling, verbal culture, word of mouth, understanding - these are some of the most powerful cultural weapons we have in this country. This is something so simple - that it might just work in our fledgling Internet ecosystem. Check out the site and submit YOUR story: What's Your Story by Heartlines Social media around the campaign will be run through Heatlines' Facebook and Twitter accounts. Here's all the info about the campaign and it's launch... What's Your Story? Hear