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My next adventure: the social impact startup, forgood.

You might have guessed it by now , or seen the sneaky LinkedIN update . Finally ready to announce my next project. I have to say, it took a bit of getting to. It took about 6 months to get over the closure of Real Time Wine . It took 50+ meetings, lots of wine and PS3 and some fairly interesting alignment of stars for me to finally find something I really wanted to have a crack at. It even took a long overdue realisation that, as exciting as some corporate digital spaces are, corporates keep saying they want rainmakers and yet remain too scared to hire them. I guess that's how life works. The wheel turns and you hop on and hop off when the universe decides the timing is right. Philosophical rambling over. I am extremely excited to officially announce that I've taken over as CEO of a social impact startup called forgood  (as of November 2014, but we've been in "stealth"). Vomit. I said stealth. I say "taken over" because it's an interesting s

Property 24's #PerfectHome campaign and competition...

Property24 recently asked me what I thought my #PerfectHome would be... They're running a competition, giving away a bunch of homely prizes to people tweeting about their #PerfectHome and linking to cool properties they find on the site. They thought it was a wine farm. Must have been the Real Time Wine vibe . Hah! Don't they know that the easiest way to make a small fortune is to start with a large one and invest in wine? It appears this meme carries through to quite a few disciplines... But it did get me thinking, especially about how your definition of a "perfect home" changes drastically depending on life situation. Take kids. My perfect home has to be kid proof. That's not only kids falling off balconies and into pools - but also kids destroying my priceless collection of X with a long, drawn out Mutant Turtles vs Batman sword battle (with ninja stars as secondary weapons). Homes are tricky. So my choice isn't going to be a home h