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The Heavy Chef Guide To Starting a Business - Internal Training Experiment (Part 1)

It's been a while since I've posted here, so I thought I'd document a little internal experiment we're doing at forgood . A few of our team members have expressed interest in learning a little more about the entrepreneurial journey, with the ambition of setting up their own "shops" one day. So, to support industry mate Fred Roed, we're using his book as a structure for the training. If this wets your appetite, go buy a copy and check out a Heavy Chef training workshop. I can already hear the primary criticism that's going to come out around this book. It's full of cheesy cliches. But isn't that the problem with cliches? They're only cliches, because they're true. They're only cheesy, because they're things we've heard a hundred times - but somehow still don't get right. Fred has wrapped a back-to-basics business book with heaps of South African context (very critical, there are few good introductions to entrep