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The Mi-Fone A300 review (and what it means for Africa)

The greatest trick Steve Jobs ever pulled was getting us to use his phone as the benchmark for all phones. They make a good benchmark of course: best experience, best industrial design and best ecosystem. Best for the First World (and the First World pockets that exist in the Third World) perhaps? But best for Africa? Well now, there’s a debate... I’ve been extremely excited to see the explosion in cheap Smartphones and African ecosystem plays that have occurred over the last year. Our continent is host to 1 billion Africans. Can you imagine how powerful we could be once we connect those billion people to a device that can pretty much replace a computer for most social and business related tasks? Into the fray hops one of the first “for Africa” mobile ecosystem plays that I’ve seen: Mi-Fone . Ignoring the hyphens and urban hip use of the F for now (SEO obviously isn’t important just yet), I wanted to share some thoughts after playing with their top of the range device for a week.

S'camto Groundbreakers REWIND. Full documentary.

The producers (Born Free Media) of S'camto Groundbreakers REWIND kindly gave me permission to post this documentary to YouTube. There were plenty of people that missed the 2 screenings on SABC 1 and wanted to catch the show. Here's your chance... It was a really touching story as we travelled to Reserve B, a rural village in Bergville, KZN. Met some amazing people. Make sure you check out the live blog coverage of the Bergville trip here as well... Enjoy the 48 min documentary... Director: Mickey Madoda Dube Producer: Carolyn Carew Production Company: Born Free Media

ZA Tech Show Episode 187 - Fisticuffs!

With a jam-packed studio, heated discussions are par for the course on this week’s show. Join Andy Hadfield, Brett Haggard, Simon Dingle and Stafford Masie for a discussion surrounding: Microsoft Kinect hacking. Siri and the future of interfaces. The “Apple way” versus Microsoft’s open path. Mobile ecosystems. NFC and banking. The iPhone 4s being delayed in SA. MWEB’s ‘Naked ADSL’ initiaitve. Social network marketing. The future of enterprise tech. Our technology picks of the week: Andy Hadfield: 7 Billion iPad app . Brett Haggard: Lenovo Thinkpad tablet and Lemon app . Stafford Masie: Twine . Simon Dingle: Genius Scan . Download the ZA Tech Show audio or video...

ZA Tech Show Episode 184 - The Small Things

It’s a full house in the ZA Tech Show studio this week with Aki Anastasiou, Andy Hadfield, Samantha Beckbessinger and Simon Dingle gathering around the table to discuss: Vodacom’s 20GB price announcement. The broadband bungle. The coming of Windows Phone. Banks and technology. Kindle hits retail in SA. Microsoft Kinect hacks. Is Siri really a threat to Google? Our technology picks of the week: Samantha Beckbessinger: . Andy Hadfield: What does the internet think? Aki Anastasiou: Instapaper . Simon Dingle: Samsung Note . Download or stream the audio/video by clicking here ...