27% of rural users browsing the Internet on their phones...

"27% of rural users are now browsing the internet on their phones."
-- Arthur Goldstuck, 2011

This fact, and the picture below, recently posted on Facebook, reminded me of the great times in Bergville, Reserve B on the LoveLife documentary shoot. Make no mistake lads and lasses - Arthur's stat reveals a tipping point in this country. That's 1 in 3 rural users - connected. That changes the game, both from a business perspective and from an empowerment perspective. Good times indeed...

You can read the whole Bergville Reserve B story here...

Find a report of Arthur's study here or check out his website here.


  1. This is great news. I'm planning on moving to a rural area and want to continue working online.

  2. Ah, but dude - just because they're on doesn't mean the connection is good :) Case in point, on the Bergville story, I struggled for hours to get these guys email accounts set up, until I realized I had to walk to the top of the vegetable patch on the hill to actually catch enough edge to get a connection to the imap/pop server... Don't expect speed. But it's amazing how resilient humans are :)


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