Sexy Bank Poll.

Results of a little poll on Cowboys & Engines...

First off - apologies. I bollocksed this poll up. Asking digital questions and throwing in a red herring like "a call centre that works" was just asking for trouble.

However, it does point to interesting notions on fulfillment. Doesn't matter how sexy your internet processes are - if you can't do EVERYTHING online, your bottleneck is always going to be real world processes.

Everyone's favourite gripe and complaint is the humble call centre. It's why I think Outsurance has a model to be envied right now. Not many SA companies have got online fulfillment completely right. Outsurance's call centre is so slick, that they the application feel like it happened online. Except you do less typing.

Oh, and my little "throw it out there" flippant comment. RSS? Is NOWHERE in corporate SA. But wait, once people hook onto the idea of auto updating converged content. Then we'll have sparks. I'm working on an interesting little use of RSS at FNB. Hopefully can talk about it soonish.


  1. It's NO secret I love RSS...I think we haven't even tapped into the tech fully here in SA. I do think RSS will change the way we deliver and disseminate and filter content and has far more uses than most think. I too am working on an RSS project...hmmm interesting :)


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