Digital Marketing #1 [SMS Marketing Oh Dear!]

Don't let your 1 man marketing department loose with a big budget bulk SMS platform - or you just might land up with this pearl of digital marketing wisdom from Cape Town Fish Market...

"Cape Town Fish Market Lonehill wants you to experience the freshness and quality of our new and exciting menu and to book for your year end functions. Call 011"

* Nothing!

* Awful copy
* Not trading any value with targets
* Call 011 what!?


  1. Wow. I just happen to fall in the category of one man marketing teams and I am fully intent on doing bulk sms at some point.

    I consider myself rather astute in the area of writing impactful copy, but thanx for the heads up. Forewarned is forearmed.. or something like that.

  2. Nothing wrong with one man marketing teams... Just be skilled up at what you're doing. And TEST TEST TEST. Everyone knows there are a limited number of chars in an sms - it's not rocket science.

    To leave out the phone number was criminal. And to leave out the "OPT OUT" option is, well, also criminal



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