Pork, Prune and Oyster Potjie Recipe

First of all, recipe credit to PotjieKosKing. We didn’t change it much, just increased some volumes, added one or two things in, removed one or two things... OK, so we changed it a bit. But the essence remains and credit goes where credit is due.

Now. Listen. You’re going to feel a little odd about the oysters. Go with it. They add this weird but awesome saltiness to the potjie. The recipe looks pretty complicated, but asides from about 35 min prep - it’s very doable.

Pork, Prune and Oyster Potjie Recipe

  • 2 kg of pork fillet, preferably in 4 or 6 big chunks 
  • Packet of prunes, depipped 
  • Tin of smoked oysters
  • 16 Baby onions
  • 8 Celery sticks, chopped up
  • 16 Baby potatoes
  • 12-16 baby marrows, chopped up chunky
  • 3 tablespoons Butter
  • 50ml Cooking oil
  • 15ml Cake flour
  • 450ml Beef stock
  • 450ml Red wine
  • Salt to taste
  • 5ml Black pepper
  • 16 dumplings (buy bread dough, make snooker sized balls with flour to stop ‘em sticking)
  • Cous Cous

1  Butterfly the pork fillet. Stuff the oysters inside the prunes. Stuff the prunes inside the fillet. Stuff the stuffed fillet inside another fillet (think about it!). Wrap string around it nice and toight. 

2  Oil and butter in the pot over a nice consistent heat. Brown the stuffed fillet. Take it out. Dust it in flour. Put it back in, brown again for about 2 minutes.

3  Add the stock and red wine. Pour some salt and pepper on the top of the meat. Let that bubble for 2 hours. Listen for the gurgle, keep the heat consistent.

4  Add all the veg. Add the dumplings on top of the veg. Let is bubble for another 2 hours.

5  Make the cous cous.

6  Here’s how we served it up. Potjie pot in the middle of the table. Everyone dishes up some cous cous, veg, dumplings and sauce. By that time you’ll be nearer the bottom of the pot where you can retrieve the pork bundles with some braai tongs. Remove the string and carve them like a roast and let everyone add that to their plate. Warning, the meat will be so soft that it’s going to feel a little like shredded pork. No matter - tastier that way! 

REPORT BACK: Holy dumplings, Batman! That is one of the most unique and interesting potjie tastes I’ve ever had. Impress your friends and family. Woo your lady/ladies. It’ll serve 8 easily. Let us know how it goes!


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