Biltong Potjie Recipe

The Biltong Potjie. It’s like the Loch Ness Monster of potjies. Everyone’s heard of one, some have even seen seen one - but not many know how to make one.

On a recent trip out into the Drakensburg, we made of point of trying out the Biltong Potjie. It was good (GREAT). Different. But oh so good. Rich. So go easy on the starters.

Here we go!

Biltong Potjie Recipe

  • 2 packs bacon
  • 1 green pepper 
  • 6 onions 
  • 500g button mushrooms 
  • 1 tin mielies (not the creamy one) 
  • 1 kg sliced biltong 
  • 500ml cream 
  • Big bag of noodles (your choice: twisty, screw - just not macaroni, that’d be dumb) 
  • 450g cheese

The first thing that threw me was the noodles. I’ve never put noodles in a potjie. It sounds wrong. Like kissing your sister. 

But after some extensive googling, it seemed like it was ok. Just this once…

Warning. You’ll barely have time to down a beer on this one. It’s the quickest potjie known to man - about 30 minutes from start to finish. 

Man make fire. Apply potjie pot to good coal set. Man put oil in potjie pot. Fry up the onions and bacon in the potjie pot. Add biltong. Stir it up a bit. Smile, man in final stretch. Add the mushrooms, mielies and cream. Add the cheese on top. Put the lid on the potjie. 

Count to 600 if you’re bored. Or just measure 10 minutes on the nearest cellphone. Take off the fire.
Serve with red wine.

Credit to my partner in crime on this taste adventure: Danie Kotzee…


  1. Made this so many times now and won so many potjie competitions!!!

    Have a few add-ons though but love it!


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