Googely Meet 'n Greet - 19th November

Found on MyADSL (WHY? What on earth does it have to do with broadband? Sigh. The internet is so unfocussed these days.)

Google South Africa is planning a ‘Get to know Google’ event to meet customers and partners.

In an email sent to stakeholders, Google South Africa manager Stafford Masie invited them to the ‘Get to know Google’ event “to gain a deeper understanding of your business objectives and future plans, so we can join forces effectively to make an impact on the South African market.”

The correspondence further said that the collaboration aims to “promoting the Internet as a medium to access information, advertise products, monetize content and communicate with your audience.”

Arthur Goldstuck, Managing Director World Wide Worx and Vinny Lingham, CEO Incubeta & Keyjam will share their views on the medium and the opportunities it offers at the event to be held in Bryanston on the 19th of November...

Sooo... Did YOU crack the nod? If you did, you're special - and being TARGETTED for Adwords Sales. If not. Sorry for you.


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