How Geek Are You? Take the test!

Geek is the new cool. Geeking it up. Crisis. That's actually a phrase!?! Anyhoo - the movers and shakers these days are the guys and girls who embrace tech. Hells teeth - JEAN de Villiers and co. use game simulations to improve hand-eye co-ordination. Why can't we?

Cool test has popped up. Not sure how new or old... HOW GEEK ARE YOU?

I'm only 45%. And I'm almost positive I got the Star Trek question right. (Who didn't watch The Next Generation when they were 6!?!?!). I wonder where the other 45% went? To Jeekness? WHAT DOES THAT EVEN MEAN?!?

I'm interested in other people's scores...

(How geeky was that. Linking each word of a sentence. Sies! Funny thing is, I KNOW 90% of these people have got egotistical Google Alerts - just like myself...)


  1. 62%

    (btw: read your post before i got pinged)

  2. thescott. isn't that even geekier!?! doing a geek test without the ping :)

  3. I heard rumours of a 100%er. She lives in the Falkland Islands. Surrounded by machines.

  4. And then there's one Ben Kelly, of Finweek, who scored 105%...

  5. is that even possible? to hack a geek test would be... very nerdy.

  6. Mrs Hadfield - 36%


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