Because I have loved life, I shall have no sorrow to die – Bolton Deventer passes away

Wow. Pretty clever. Let's put aside the methods and the madness for a while. I've been in Thailand, so caught the tail-end of this fiasco. It's interesting. It's innovative. And I bet you he missed some mentions in the stats summary (Google Alert "Bolton Deventer" as an idea?) And... how much of that traffic came from the "dark art of SEO" tags?

I've found All Scrubbed Up gets 80% of its traffic from search engines. That's a small local readership - and a broad tag-based audience.

So, does the blogosphere feel small and insignificant? Perhaps. But haven't we always known it's small. Some key guys and gals who read each others stuff?

But one thing we are NOT... is boring. Or dull. Or unimaginative. Real traffic will come. Patience is a virtue ne?

I like Bolton. I like the idea. I wonder how many it will spawn?

PS Hello! We're back...


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