Intel invents beer-proof laptop

Fantastic news. I've lost laptops, iPods, cellphone and every other digital device known to man - to coffee, beer, swimming pools.

My next toy. Beer proof, bump proof, surge proof, dog proof, child proof, wife proof laptop. Beer not included.

From the Inquirer, I think...

MAKER of chips and bits, Intel has developed a laptop keyboard which is beer, coffee, water, and fag ash proof.

According to TVNZ Chipzilla boffins have developed a new type of keyboard that allows air to be drawn from above, but prevents liquids from passing through.

Normally sealing a laptop keyboard from liquids will block vital air inlets meaning the laptop could overheat and blow up like a Sony battery.

Apparently the new Intel keyboard is made from a semi-porous material that Chipzilla boffins have grown in a test tube. The keyboard can be sealed and the machine will not overheat

In short, if you tip coffee, beer, or the spirits of your choice over your laptop the thing will still work.

Chipzilla has also not said when lappies sporting the new keyboards will hit the shops.


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