A Blogging BEST OF collection?

I've been wondering. Why not release a BEST OF collection on your blog.

1. It helps when you're a bit low on content.
2. It eases the stresses and strains of... Just. Got. To. Post. Today. Or. Will. Lose. Loyal. Readership.
3. Not everyone reads all your content, all the time - therefore some may miss the good, juicy stuff.

Don't you get that feeling sometimes? Like there is this constant pressure to produce regular insightful content. I've noticed it on All Scrubbed, which does a fair lick of traffic. We don't post for 3 days and traffic immediately dips.

Is that kind of expectation fair? (Where do you people get the time to post so much??) I'm not sure... Yet I suppose I'd be wary of a Bullard-like backlash if the A-listers reckon I'm rehashing.

What do you think? I reckon a lot of good content goes to waste because people are too scared to dip into the archives and dust off / repost. Then again, knowing the fickle nature of the web - it could snowball into a horrible repitition of posts - spiralling ever more into a truly plagiarised web.

Some pontifications for you... dig it?


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