My Mother. The Blogger.

The inevitable has happened. Or was it inevitable? I don't know. But I bet there's not a lot of you out there who can brag that their parents are hopping on the social media highway.

But lo and behold, it happened...

Me mom (the legendary Carol Hadfield - or at least, now legendary) lives in Cape Town and is something of an artist. So, what better way to vent that creative frustration while promoting your work to the world than a blog?

And yes, I used Blogger, not WordPress. So wah. But really because me mom is not a Linux Engineer and I couldn't be arsed to phone friends of friends everytime the bloody thing breaks!

Do us a favour - check it out - she'll get a huge kick out of the traffic! And leave a comment if you have a moment. Heheh.

Her blog here...
My favourite charcoal drawing here...


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