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Goodbye SA Top Sites...

Ah. It's been a tumultous relationship - marred by highs, lows, and low lows (how the heart beats when it sees 1 visitor). I'm speaking of course, about SA Top Sites and their widget stats tracker - faithfully installed by over 4000 South African sites. (Alas they seem to be down at the time of skryfing this post).

Some said their stats were high, some low. At the end of the day, it was a simple solution that served its purpose. But they were just down for too long. About a week, or more, if I'm not mistaken. And a week, in the fast paced world of the Internet - is just too much.

So I'm leaving them. And what do they care. A change of ownership, a change of servers. This stuff happens all the time.

But if anyone, anyone feels the way I do - just in search of something more - it suggests a nice fat market gap for one of our homely aggregators, Amatomu or Afrigator to take up the charge.

Do it properly though. People want meaningful stats - and Amatomu is getting pretty close with its page of ajaxy wonderment.

One widget is all it takes:

[Total Visits]
[Total Pages]
[Ave. Visits/Month]
[Ave Pages/Month]
[Direct Visits]
[Most popular article]

Something like that. Ah. Twould be wonderful. For now - I've discovered a rather useful oversees tracker - HiStats.Com. Check it out - until the local boys give us something.

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