Cracking Wireless Networks

South Africans are a little behind in terms of broadband penetration – nothing like the 22% BROADBAND in the UK, as mentioned in this video. But if there is one thing that South African’s have proved – it’s their adaptability to technology and it’s darker side.

Remember, as you watch this video:

  • 5 million internet users and growing...
  • How many of those are moving to broadband as the prices drop?
  • How many of those are moving towards wireless – 3G, iBurst or that wireless router that lets you surf in the bath?

Does that sound like you? In our opinion, Soek, the friendly Rottweiler inside the back gate won't really be able to help here...


  1. what an eye-opener!! Mr Smith is very gutted and I am very grateful to have stumbled on this post!


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