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Is your Sales Director an Ostrich?

You would think that the natural reaction when a system starts providing data of sales force inefficiencies would be to fix the problem? Not at all, and it blows us away.

We’ve had nail-pulling real life experience of this recently. A client using our system to route leads by SMS to their sales force and track performance has thrown their hands in the air and given up.

The system is making our sales people look bad.”

It’s one of those inalienable truths of life… sales people hate systems. The good ones are too busy selling to administrate. The good administrators don’t have time to sell. And the bad ones just don’t do much. That doesn’t make the sales force right and the system wrong. Does it?

It is high time for companies to take a hard look at themselves. Effectiveness of media spend, call patterns, sales team structures and selling methodologies cannot possibly be assessed without valid data and controls. This isn’t policing – it’s business!

Conversely, you will get some clients who embrace this idea… Toits Motor Group are a great example of a company that has implemented (yes, with our technology!) performance monitors and seen dramatic increases in efficiencies and conversion rates. Thank goodness for the visionaries.

Fire the sales force. Not the system that’s telling you you’ve got a problem. Surely?

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