BlogdUp - Can it find me?

Trying this out - a Blog Directory - that tries to validate a reciprocal link by crawling your blog. I'm 45 minutes in and about to give up. Wonder how effective these tools really are? Is this considered link farming?

BlogdUp ... Find me! Here! Blogdup

UPDATE: 2 hours later. Seems like Blogger takes a little while before it's indexable. Hence I wasn't getting found. Hence this post.

The issue remains interesting. Interlinking remains one of the most important factors in getting those Search Engine Rankings. But where does Google draw the line? Is BlogdUp a robotic site with no-one behind it, giving it's owner a couple of hundred dollars in AdWords revenue and linking blogs to blogs? When does that become a link farm?

I'll let you know.

UPDATE: About 2 days and a weekend later. No such luck. Seems like BlogdUp is merely a robotic link farm that evidently doesn't like this blog. Almost confirmed by their sister site - SiteAddy - just a conglomeration of any old site people decided to submit.

Evidently, life's good on the farm.


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