Same name brands... nowhere to hide!

The name’s the same, but that’s where it ends… In South Africa, the Profinder name is synonymous with integrity, networking, building connections and concise and relevant information for architecture, design and construction professionals. And we like it, because it's a programme run by The Virtual Works!

However, popping up on Google News Alerts for the last couple of months has been an organisation in the UK with a very similar name, and not such a great reputation. Profinder UK is generating a lot of internet traffic through stories of persistent customer rip-offs.

The company handles the sale of used vehicles, professing to link sellers and buyers for a fee.

In this world of search engines and everything being linked to everything - it seems there is nowhere to hide! At least Profinder is ranked higher :)

We'd just like you to know: Profinder UK is in no way part of, affiliated to, or in any way whatsoever linked to Profinder South Africa, and its website!

(Thanks to Kerry Haggard for help with this post).


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