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#ManDay is coming. What makes a Man a Man? [COMPETITION]

OK! Here's the deal... Men. #ManDay is coming. A day for cigars and steak, not nappies and paperwork. It's on the 20th May 2013. And to prepare for it - I've been asked, to ask you, to help me come up with the Top 5 Things That Make A Man A Man.

We're then going to go head to head with some other bloggers/personalities and if we win. 5 of you and me will get a pimping "sport experience". Those are all the details I got.

I repeat:
  • Tell me via Facebook / Twitter or in the comments below what makes a Man a Man
  • I'll choose the Top 5
  • We go head to head against other bloggers with some crowd voting
  • If we win, the 5 best of your submissions and I win a rad "sporting experience".

Let's get to it. I'll collate all the crowdsourcing below. Make it funny. Make me cry. Get all testosteroney on each other. Yee haw!


which we can now call...

(the top 5 as entered into #ManDay are in bold)
  1. @petrivoges - Most men can do with more cowbell.
  2. @petrivoges - Cutting your nose hair with a weed eater. snorting enos and squirting acid in your eyes with your tequila. 
  3. @petrivoges - Ability to reverse.
  4. @petrivoges - Sleeping through Schindler's List but tearing up when that perfect chop falls on the floor
  5. @braaiface - Ability to talk bullshit. Disengage brain, open mouth, say the first thing that doesn't make sense, engage brain!
  6. @braaiface - A 5 year absence between mates only requires a grunt to catch up!
  7. @braaiface - I'm on it, Guy speak for "it's on the list", but will only happen with beer as incentive
  8. @JeanineBornman - Understanding what 'The Matrix' is all about first time round
  9. @Johannpollard - Knowing how to properly braai a good steak
  10. @Johannpollard - Chivalry. Opening doors for ladies and such.
  11. @Johannpollard - Licking the can lid you just opened for said lady. Doesn't matter the contents, got to taste!
  12. @Johannpollard - Ability to watch any sport and shouting for a team. Even Curling. Convincing the other people in the room that you understand the sport and are a fan. Yes, even Curling.
  13. @Johannpollard - Opening a wine bottle without a corkscrew. Knives, spoons, shoes, swords etc. It can come in handy when you least expect it.
  14. @wzwick - Knowing the difference between a phillips and a slotted screw driver.
  15. @wzwick - Being able to use said screw driver.
  16. @wzwick - Using the weed-eater. Raising it to trim the bushes as well.
  17. @wzwick - The removal of bugs and other 'creepies'
  18. @wzwick - Knowing what the offside rule is
  19. @wzwick - Being able to say "pfft - that's easy, I can do that, hold my beer!"
  20. @nickjackson - Telepathic ability to know where the remote is, and to be able to sense the channel being changed while sleeping.
  21. @nickjackson - Ability to assemble furniture etc with fewer than the "required" parts. 
  22. @nickjackson - Ability to recognise how many layers of clothing the days weather requires.
  23. @nickjackson - Confidence that allows them to think that, on a good day, they have a realistic shot at picking up any woman.
  24. @nickjackson - Any man will always look their best in either a tuxedo, or jeans and a white t-shirt. 
  25. @wzwick - Being able to start a fire with a ball of newspaper and then feeling the need to cheer once the fire gets going.
  26. @wzwick - a good throaty burp... woman.just.can't
  27. @wzwick - being able to punch your mate for being a dick and then going for a beer afterwards
  28. @wzwick - carrying in all 10 bags of groceries in one trip because two trips is for pussies
  29. @wzwick - enjoying a trip to builder warehouse (its like shoe shopping for men)
  30. @petrivoges - consider farting in public without detection a skill

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