The new MINI Paceman JHB launch. 2 double tickets for readers!

I have fairly recently become a MINI fan. Well, actually been a fan for a while, but couldn't find one I'd like to drive - and kept on getting told that driving the convertible would make my wife worried that I'm not that interested in her anymore. Say whaaaat? :)

Turns out though. Roving entrepreneur + MINI Cooper S (which goes like a bat out of hell even if it is a little go-cartish = perfect for this time in my life). Hence hooked up with the MINI guys and gals and have been interacting a lot more with the brand recently. Who wouldn't want to. It's one helluva brand.

A particular competition piqued my interest. Typically I hate competitions, this one somehow sucked me in. I think it was the copywriting. MINI Paceman Man Challenge. Competition is closed but I think you should still be able to play through the campaign. Addictive, no?

Anyhoo. The MINI Paceman is launching in JHB. I'm going. And the kind folks at MINI gave me 2 double tickets to give away to readers. Email me on andyhadfield at me dot com and tell me why you want the tickets. And... GO.

I'll choose the funniest/best request for tickets and give them out next week Thursday (25/4/2013). Check the details and make sure you can go. Looks fun.


  1. My husband and I both drive Minis. We love them. He especially deserves the ticket because of all the grief he's been given by 4x4 driving macho men who think they have to drive a monster truck to prove how big their penises are.

  2. Competition closed. Will announce winner shortly.


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