ZA Tech Show Episode 220 - Poppin XSYN's cherry

Sam Beckbessinger attempts to herd the cats that are newcomer Guy Taylor  and veterans Andy Hadfield and Brett Haggard in this week’s episode:

  • RIM’s future direction with Blackberry and a sneak peak at the Blackberry10 Alpha Device.
  • Microsoft doing away with the Windows 8 Metro naming convention, the official launch of Office 365 in South Africa.
  • The panel’s thoughts on WordPress, SharePoint and the CMS/Knowledge Management space.
  • What’s happening in the PFM space, including the launch of Nedbank’s My FinancialLife.
  • The overall quality of the local apps landscape.
  • The World Wide Web’s 21st Birthday.

Our technology picks of the week are:
  • Andy Hadfield – The Walking Dead comic book series and Google Hangouts.
  • Guy Taylor – and the Curiosity Mars Rover.
  • Brett Haggard – SmoothSync for iCloud and Daniel Suarez’s new book, Kill Decision.
  • Sam Beckbessinger – Unbabyme Chrome Plugin and Comic book lover for iPad.


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