Funny entries in the #TsogoSale "Entreprenurs need a break" Giveaway

Some really creative entries came in on the TsogoSun #TsogoSale weekend giveaway that I recently did. Thought I post them all here. Nice effort chaps.

Winner: Shaun Trennery! Let's just hope he keeps the corporate jargon for when he's talking to clients. You don't want to deep dive too much while engaging stakeholders, or you might as well take it offline. Enjoy the holiday Shaun!

Question was: Why do you as an intrapreneur/entrepreneur deserve a break?

@shauntrennery: When I used “eat the elephant one bite at a time” twice in conversation yesterday I knew it was time for a break #TsogoSale cc @andyhadfield *WINNER

@lazygamers: @andyhadfield #TsogoSale I need to win. I can't give you a great reason as I'm so freaking run down :(

(A very close second for @lazygamers - Andy)

@tyronbarnard: @andyhadfield My superhero tights have left me desperately needing a tan #tsogosale

@D1sturbed_Angel: @andyhadfield Had a new baby 8 weeks ago and having a teething toddler as well, we could really do with a good nights sleep or 2 #TsogoSale

@davegreenway: @andyhadfield You know who deserves the #TsogoSale prize? I do... I need a getaway to drink wine & Klout farm while LoL-ing from cats.

@wzwick: @andyhadfield
Look at your entry
now look at mine
back to your entry
back to mine
sadly your entry is not my ...

@jistmee: @andyhadfield I deserve the mini break to @TsogoSun before my daughter gives me a heartattack for killing her cat (By accident) #TsogoSale

(YIKES! - Andy)

@nkathuto: @andyhadfield There's a gun to my head, are you going to pull the trigger and save me with a weekend away? #TsogoSale


@araliaSA: @andyhadfield #TsogoSale I have been a student for 8 years, I could use a holiday to celebrate my Masters degree.


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