SXSW 2012. Trend scanning. Sponsored by Discovery South Africa

Brett Haggard and I are delighted to announce that Discovery South Africa has come on board as a trip sponsor for our SXSW 2012 trip.

We are both very fortunate to have a speaker slot on the 13th March where we'll be hosting a core conversation on the topic: "You Don't Need Bandwidth To Be Awesome". It's an examination of how Africans manage to innovate in the technology space despite lack of infrastructure. First world Texas is a great place to be talking about African entrepreneurship!

As well as the talk, we'll be hunting down the defining technology trends of 2012 and bringing them back to the teams at Discovery in Johannesburg for a series of workshops. All the content we gather on this quest will be shared with you, probably via Storify (next gen curation tool that I've written about before). Keep an eye on this blog and our respective Twitter streams (@andyhadfield and @brettski) and we'll push out the link from time to time. You can see the draft version of SXSW 2012 Trend Scanning here.

Huge thanks go out to Discovery for having the vision to sponsor a trend hunting mission like this. Here's a quick word from them about why they got involved. Good news for y'all out there - it's about attracting tech talent.

Technology today evolves faster than what we can often imagine. It progresses our world and shapes how we think and behave. It can even help us be healthier and live longer. 

At Discovery, we’re passionate about using our imagination to evolve our world and yours. For our clients, it means helping them lead healthier lives and protecting their financial future. Technology, and the smart people who evolve technology into every-day solutions for our clients, help us to achieve this. 

Discovery, it’s an exciting place to work right now. Go to for more information.


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