All the content from SXSW 2012...

Just arrived back from SXSW 2012. Wow. What an experience, again. This really should be a calendarised event for anyone touching the digital industry in South Africa. Corporate or Entrepreneur, doesn't matter.

Wanted to share some of the content here... Again, thank you SXSW for fueling my keynote content for the next year!

Day 1 digital trends and content

# Pre Conference

# Don Tapscott on our future in a society of networked intelligence.

# Bing Gordon on Gamification and Social Media. Ex EA Exec, now on the board of Zynga and a big VC player. Particularly love his reference to the positive feedback loop in play in a cost centre vs a profit centre. Game layer for HR? Hells yeah.

Day 2 digital trends and content

# Dave McClure. The Lean Startup. There is so much we can learn in South Africa from the US startup model. They really have perfected the launch-feedback-iterate cycle.

# Dave Hogue. The Complexity Curve. Simpler UX.

# Steven Levy. The Wars of Tech. Think Facebook vs Google, Microsoft vs Apple and Amazon vs The Rest Of The World. These are the tech wars shaping our future.

Day 3 digital trends and content

# "Friending" Pharma. Healthcare and Social Media.

# Big Data for Everyone

# Mobile payments and Interchange Zero. Seth from SCVNGR is back with another theory. What happens when the cost of moving money tends towards zero? Fascinating stuff, although the theory needs to mature a tad.

# Social Media in US Election 2012. Politicians and campaign comms teams are pretty scared about the transparent society we live in. But social media does win elections, especially in the US...

Day 4 digital trends and content

# Ray Kurzweil. Futurist.

# Billy Corgan and Brian Solis on the music industry.

# Healthcare quick hits and tweets from the workshop streams. Kurzweil reckons healthcare is the next big upwards trending industry. There are some great projects here to research further.

Another special thank you to our sponsors for this trip, Discovery. Both Brett Haggard and I are looking forward to workshopping some of these trends with you in the near future.


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