MINDBULLET: If you're anonymous, you're a terrorist (Dateline: 14 September 2021)

I love the direction that this MindBullet is going in. The battle between public vs private, anonymous vs real name and regulations vs freedom - these are the colossal battles of our time. Our future as business and how we exist in the world as consumers will be defined by who wins these battles.

And the scariest thing? Most consumers have no idea they're going on. Most consumers have no idea the power hackers have to disrupt an economic or regulated system. They have no idea the implications of not caring about your privacy.

It reminds me a little of the Journey of Self slide in my Future Kids Future Customers keynote.

1950's to 1980's - Myself. Technology wasn't pervasive. Your word was your bond, people knew you by your face and your reputation.

1980's to 2000 - Online Self. The invention of the "handle". You could exist as a different personality online (think Second Life etc.)

2002ish onwards - Oneself. Enter Zuckerburg, his pre-cronies and the dawn of social networking. It takes your offline self and melds it irrevocably into your online self. All the skeletons start emerging from consumer closets around the world.

The reaction to this? Groups like Anonymous, fighting against the system that we've all bought into so quickly.

Fascinating argument. Read more MindBullets on the FutureWorld website.


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