Most popular posts on for 2011...

I thought it would be interesting to take a quick dive into my Google Analytics and see which posts resonated with y'all in 2011. Here are the results...
  • 10th PLACE. Cell C launches new 42mbps network... Cool event. Cool to see 40mbps even though we were underneath the base tower. The Storify embed hasn't ported to this blog template, just hit Storify and search for Andy Hadfield, you'll find it.
  • 9th PLACE. HTC launches new range of Smartphones. Cool phones. Especially the ChaCha with its one click post-to-Facebook button. 
  • 8th PLACE. Windows Phone 7 review. I really liked this phone. And now with Microsoft and Nokia getting into bed, I think we're going to see a lot more of the Metro interface in the world of mobile.
  • 7th PLACE. Symbian S60 Guitar Tuner. Power of SEO. Old post, app doesn't even exist.
  • 6th PLACE. Jump Shopping's Top 20 eCommerce websites. Some surprises, but good to see that eCommerce is ticking along in a country where only 10% of our population have access to the web.
  • 5th PLACE. How many South Africans are there on Facebook? Old post again. SEO. Damn, and probably just SEO'd it more now! Just under 5 million is the current stat. Growing quick. More than 60% over the age of 30 as well...
  • 4th PLACE. Mobile Stats for South Africa. A great infographic produced by Nielson. Worth a look.
  • 3rd PLACE. Futureworld's Social Media Masterclass. And extremely successful full day corporate workshop that I held with various SA blue chips through the FutureWorld group. The culture and customer behaviour of social media, not the platforms. This is still available, click SPEAKING in the nav bar to enquire or read some more.
  • 2nd PLACE. The New FNB website. Old post again, but worth looking at for a jump down memory lane. Helluva project that I worked on with a massive team at FNB. Proud.
  • AND IN 1st PLACE. Outsurance, broken brand promises. This was a helluva event and an interesting debate. It centers around the problem insurance companies have with customer touch points. Contact exists at sale (usually brilliant and efficient) and at claim (usually a nightmare if anything goes slightly outside of process). This event caused me to leave Outsurance. Worth a read.
Good fun, enjoy the recap...


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