POLL: Would you give your banking details to 22seven?

Fascinating debate going on, so pushed out a public poll to my Facebook/Twitter community. Here are the results as of Friday 27 January 4pm.

The QUESTION: Would you give your bank login details to 22seven, the new all-accounts-in-one-place money manager from the old 20/20 Bank team? It helps analyze your finances and attempts to save you money and improve financial health (like Mint.com)...

The results in numbers are:

  • YES (24 votes)
  • Yes, if my bank's fraud policies still apply (20 votes)
  • NO (33 votes)
  • If it was through my own bank's API (1 vote)
  • Of course, it's the way of the future (1 vote)
Still signs of an immature PFM industry. Account aggregation is very common place amoung technology empowered first world nations. Nonetheless, this is a debate we MUST have. Keep it going...


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