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The FNB Premier Banking FaceBook profile is slowly maturing - a very considered and interesting experiment. During the course of its creation and watching it develop, I've done quite a bit of research into what's possible using the FaceBook Platform. http://snurl.com/cxzmb

This collection of links from Chris Onderstall (Fleishman fame) helped a lot. Thanks for this Chris - and hopefully it'll help you guys out there to learn more about this noisy, but very potential platform.

List of the top Facebook pages and the fan pages that are rising the fastest (an essential list to see what the best pages are doing) + think of ways we can interact with these groups.

Join the FNB Premier Banking group (good to keep up to date on what FNB is up to, plus this is a slick piece of work) (Ed's note - Glad to see Chris is supporting the home team!)

Trojan Brand Condoms has a group that is creating cool content on a difficult subject

Facebook profile and page applications (the most popular is still the static HTML which allows you the most flexibility)

Creative uses of the Facebook group picture (How cool could this be? Either way it underlines the importance of the Facebook fan page image [we should change ours more frequently]).

A guide for social media marketers using the new Facebook page layout

And finally, some best practice design tips:

Why brands should love the new Facebook layout

Facebook pages best practice

How to develop a Facebook page that attracts millions of fans

5 Elements of a successful Facebook fan page


  1. Brands seem to be slow in maximising the new opportunities in the updated Facebook design.

    I'm glad to see that some local brands are ahead of this curve.

    Glad you found the links useful!

  2. Awesome post Andy, killer collection of useful info.

    I really liked the info that was in "How To Develop A Facebook Page That Attracts Millions of Fans" - it's good stuff.

  3. @appledeap They are slow - but in my humble opinion, it is because it's so bloody difficult to market inside the social sphere. ROI is still tricky in SA. It's a big training ground at the moment, just waiting for the tipping point that Mobile is already seeing.

    @bronson Thanks man...


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