Google South Africa going hard at Adwords...

Received this the other day...

Dear Google Analytics User,

As a Google Analytics customer, we know that you care about the quality of traffic coming to your website, so we wanted to introduce you to Google AdWords. AdWords works by placing targeted advertising alongside Google's search results.

To help you get started with AdWords we've sent you a voucher for ZAR1000 of Google AdWords advertising. The voucher is risk and commitment free, so start advertising today and drive more traffic to your website.

Well. I'm hooked. Is this legit? If so - signs that Google South Africa are starting to ramp up the pace to drive budget through Adwords. And cross-selling. All ooh-aah digital goodness.


  1. I got a 75 pound voucher from Google UK recently and it seemed legit. Haven't try to use it yet though.

  2. Interesting... I think it's great. The only prob I've found - is that you have to be a bit techie to get full value from adwords (ie proper wholesome conversion tracking).

  3. I also received it. Got me a R1000 adwords voucher and a personal code thingie with it.

    With my blog network in growth-mode I signed up for Adsense instead.

    I think the R1000 voucher thing is almost like - in the 70s - when they started advertising products for R99.99 instead of R100.. people in the know knows that R1000 won't buy you much, but hey. let's put it out there and see what happens. It's more a psychological thing than anything else.

    On the upside, Google South Africa deserves a whole lotta respect for reaching out to (mostly) bloggers and other Analytics users. Someone over there has read The Long Tail, and it's not Stafford Masie.

  4. R1000 Adwords!! Wow I really could do with that!

    Please begins and ends in SA from Afrikaans to Zulu

    Please can I have one....

    Afrikaans (Southern Africa) Asseblief
    Ainu (Japan) [asking for a gift] Enkore
    Ainu (Japan) [asking person to do someth.] Wa enkore
    Ainu (Japan) [asking for permission] Yakka pirka ya
    Akha (China, Southeast Asia) [polite] ...-de
    Akha (China, SE Asia) [polite command] ...-aw de
    Aklanon (Philippines) Kon mahimo
    Albanian (Albania, Yugoslavia) Ju lutem
    Albanian (Albania, Yugoslavia) Të lutem
    Altai (Russia) [requesting] Surap turum
    Altai (Russia) [requesting] Berzeer
    Altai (Russia) [inviting: 'go ahead'] Je kaysïn
    Amharic (Ethiopia) [man] Ibakkih
    Amharic (Ethiopia) [woman] Ibakkish
    Amharic (Ethiopia) [respectful] Ibakkwon
    [Anishinaabe, see Ojibwe]
    Arabic (N Africa, Mideast) [to man] Min fadlak
    Arabic (N Africa, Mideast) [to woman] Min fadlik
    Arabic (N Africa, Mideast) [to group] Min fadlukum
    Arabic (N Africa, Mideast) [formal;by man] Law samaht
    Arabic (N Africa, Mideast) [formal;woman] Law samahti
    Arabic (N Africa, Mideast) [formal;group] Law samahtu
    Arabic (Egypt) [please take it; to man] Itfaddel
    Arabic (Egypt) [please take it; to woman] Itfaddeli
    Arabic (Egypt) [please take it; to group] Itfaddelu
    Arabic (Iraq, Syria) Balla
    Arabic (Iraq) Rajaa'an
    Arabic (Morocco) 'Afak
    Arabic (North Africa) Min faDlik
    Aragonese (Aragon Spain) [formal] Si fa fabor
    Aragonese (Aragon Spain) [informal] Si ne quiers
    Aragonese (Aragon Spain) [informal] Si fas fabor
    Armenian (Armenia, Russia, Middle East) Hajis
    Armenian [Western] (Armenia) Hadjiss
    Armenian [Eastern] (Armenia) Kh'ntrem
    Aromunian (Greece, Balkans) Ti pãcãrsescu
    Asante (Ghana) Mepa wo kyéw
    Assyrian (Iran, Iraq, Syria) Inbasmalumkh
    Assyrian (Iran, Iraq) [by a man] Inbasmalukh
    Assyrian (Iran, Iraq) [by a woman] Inbasmalakh
    Assyrian (Iran, Iraq) [by several people] Inbasmalokhun
    Assyrian (Iran, Iraq) Sahmat laya
    Assyrian (Iran, Iraq) Huch uaden
    Asturian (Spain) Si fai'l favor
    Ateso (Uganda) Engaingait
    [Aukan, see Ndjuka]
    Aymará (Bolivia, Peru, Chile) Mirà
    Aymará (Bolivia, Peru, Chile) [to man] Mirà-tata
    Aymará (Bolivia, Peru, Chile) [to woman] Mirà-mama
    Aymará (Bolivia, Peru, Chile) Mirà amp suma
    Aymará (Bolivia, Peru, Chile) Mirasuma
    Aymará (Bolivia, Peru, Chile) Ampi mira
    Aymará (Bolivia, Peru, Chile) Ampsuma
    Aymará (Bolivia, Peru, Chile) Amp
    Aymará (Bolivia, Peru, Chile) Jauora
    Aymará (Bolivia, Peru, Chile) Maititan
    Aymará (Bolivia, Peru, Chile) ...-ya
    Azerbaijani (Azerbaijan, Iran) Xaahisediraem
    Azerbaijani [Azeri] (Azerbaijan, Iran) Zæhmæt olmasa
    [Azeri, see Azerbaijani]
    [Aztec, see Náhuatl]

    Zapotec (Villa Alta Mexico) Guklenha nea
    Zapotec (Yatzachi Mexico) -sh
    Zapotec (Yatzachi Mexico) -shga
    Zapotec (Yatzachi Mexico) -tgua
    Zapotec (Yatzachi Mexico) Ben goclen
    Zapotec (Zoogocho Mexico) Ben goklen
    Zapotec (Zoogocho Mexico) -gach
    Zarma (Niger, Nigeria, Burkina Faso) Al hanan
    Zulu (South Africa, Lesotho) Jabulisa
    Zulu (South Africa, Lesotho) Siza
    Zulu (South Africa, Lesotho) Uxolo

  5. @hk haha! Unfortunately I don't have them to hand out - but there are plenty of campaigns running around.


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