The Digital Edge - a new South African PodCast

I was lucky enough to be invited as a guest onto the inaugural episode of The Digital Edge, a new SA podcast. Organised by Jarred Cinman of Cambrient and Saul Kropman, the podcast aims to be a short, sharp summary of tech news and views.

Funnily enough, they refer to the "old" kid of the block (ZA Tech Show) as four guys drinking beer and talking about their iPods. Lol! Both shows have a gap. ZA Tech can get extremely technical - and there's definitely an audience for "high-tech". The Digital Edge is more mainstream, and weigh's in at 17 minutes. You can't drive anywhere in Joburg in 17 minutes, so full listening pleasure is assured.

In this episode, myself and Walter Pike muse over some tech trends to watch out for in 2009, including crowdsourcing, cloud computing and Obama 2.1!

Launch post is here. Podcast is here.


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