The ANC goes social...

It's Obama-esque and quite exciting to see South African political organisations starting to dip the big toe in the social sphere.

Early days, but catch the ANC on:

* Twitter (
* YouTube (

SCORE: 7 Twitter followers - 8 now. 0 YouTube subscribers - 1 now!

This is off the back of the Mosiuoa Lekota FaceBook presence. It's all happening in 2009...

More coverage from Matt Buckland here.

UPDATE - It seems the DA is also using AdWords. Vicious, poltical social media. Excellent!


  1. suppose they also riding the obama campaign styles

    However, the key difference is USA is 1st world, majority of the population are online, know what facebook, youtube, etc is.

    Back here in Za, things are quite the opposite.

  2. @Naeem Completely... but consider that we have 1,000,000+ South Africans on FaceBook. There is an audience, just a little small at the mo.

  3. Remember when we said cell phones had a limited market because people in rural areas could not afford them?
    People and companies will again be caught napping if they argue the same about social media.
    Watch what will happen when bandwith becomes better and costs affordable, coupled with cell phones that have all that is required to access social media.
    Futuristic? Let's talk again in 18 months.

  4. They should be on Laduma ;) bigger audience than FaceBook!
    Inter-party soccer tournaments!

  5. COPE is also live and making the web its home. Blogs follow links to other provinces twitter stream

    COPE is also active on ning, facebook, You tube and other social networks

  6. This is a case of: "Obamaritis".

    They saw Obama do something successful and before trying to understand the methods they just put a site up in panic.

    Ah well, another place to bash the ANC. Even better if it's on their home turf!

  7. This is too bandwagon-ish. The impression I get is that nobody in the ANC camp has bothered to actually strategise around how they're going to use the newmarketingsphere to influence constituents.
    To use Youtube effectively you need a good DSL connection. How many of their members have that, and of those that have how many actually frequent Youtube? has "joke" written all over it.. (for a serious political party)
    I'm not sure that being a follower on their Tweetstream will excite me in any way..

    I would have figured out a way to connect with Phuthuma Nhleko or Knott-Craig's people to "work" the masses via the mobile networks. (NO NOT A .MOBI SITE) I'm sure 99% of ANC members own mobile phones.

  8. Hi Andy,
    You asked who the agency was that put up the MyAnc site etc. It's Ogilvy Johannesburg.


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