2021 Playlist. A mix for the year that was...

2021Still the pandemic. Humanity, struggling to break free of the grips of melancholy and background music. This was one of the harder mixes to put together. When all the music in the world is available at your fingertips, curation and discovery becomes almost impossible.  

Every year, I put together a "DJ" mix of songs - wanted to share them here. There is only one rule: the music has to be released or discovered by me in that year. That leaves it open to new music and a couple of old favourites that slip in under the radar. 

In addition, the playlist is designed in "DJ order". It's meant to be an experience. So start at the beginning - and play through in order. If you're playing on the Apple Music Mac App, set the crossfade to 10 seconds. 

Here's the 2021 journey. 

  • Moody Electronica
  • Deep House
  • Pop Folk
  • Local SA stuff
  • Soft covers
  • Indie and Rock
  • Electronica
  • Trance
  • Downtempo
  • ... and ending off quite reflective. 
Hope you enjoy. If someone is inspired and wants to recreate this for Spotify, happy to link and credit. 


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