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2019 Playlist. A mix for that year that was...

Music is something of a hobby. From playing it, to cataloguing it (oh how the days of MP3's fed the OCD soul) to collecting it. 

Apple Music and Spotify have made this a bit harder, with the sheer overwhelming amount of choice. But with great power, comes great playlists. I hope. 

Every year, I put together a "DJ" mix of songs - wanted to share them here. There is only one rule: the music has to be released or discovered by me in that year. That leaves it open to new music and a couple of old favourites that slip under everyone's radar. 

In addition, the playlist is designed in "DJ order". It's meant to be an experience. So start at the beginning - and play through in order. If you're playing on the Apple Music Mac App, set the crossfade to 12 seconds. 

The 2019 mix goes on quite a journey. 

  • Deep House
  • Folk
  • Indie Rock
  • Country
  • Movies
  • Electronica
  • Vocal Trance
  • A bit of festival EDM
  • 70s Rock
  • Indie
  • ... and ending off with a few oddball bits of awesome.
Hope you enjoy. If someone is inspired and wants to recreate this for Spotify, happy to link and credit. 


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