#uberforgood cleans up

Here's an update on the recent #uberforgood campaign where South Africans where able to use Ubers to pick up donations, drop them off at our forgood depots and then we used the forgood platform to match these donations out to Causes that could really use them.

Below you'll find some stats, numbers and stories from the campaign. Donations are about 90% allocated at present. Thank you South Africa, you were awesome.

Enjoy the campaign video!

--- snip ---

South Africa, 16 September 2015: More than a thousand pairs of shoes, piles of clothing, 10 baby seats, a couch, a few sets of golf clubs, computers, laptops and a box of cellphones – these are just some of the goods collected through the #uberforgood spring clean campaign that exploded on Twitter on the 08th of September.

Individuals and corporates were asked in the spirit of generosity to clean out their closets as part of the #uberforgood campaign, which saw Uber driver partners collecting items, at no cost, from users across the country. Items were then dropped off at forgood depots in Joburg, Pretoria, Cape Town and Durban and are currently being sorted and matched to Causes registered on the forgood platform.

We have been overwhelmed by the generosity and support for the campaign. Our Joburg depot was literally filled floor to ceiling with goods,” CEO of forgood Andy Hadfield said. “Our online platform connects Causes to groups or individuals, we partnered with Uber to demonstrate just how easy doing good can be. The campaign, which was literally run at the click of a button, has already benefitted more than 50 Causes. Technology is opening so many doors for the social sector, we’re uber excited to play in this space.

Uber users, new and old, were given a week to spring clean. On 8 September the uberforgood vehicle view became available on the Uber app and within seconds of the campaign launching the first vehicle was requested. Demand was through the roof for the remainder of the day, with some goods being collected the following day due to high demand.

We really wanted to run a campaign to demonstrate just how easy it is for riders to contribute using our technology platform. When we heard about the forgood platform, we knew it would be the perfect company to partner with on a campaign of this kind. It is really exciting that through this campaign and the Uber technology we’ve managed to help South Africans donate items to over 50 Causes in need.” Alon Lits, RGM of Uber Sub-Saharan Africa said.

#uberforgood in numbers:
  • Participating regions: Joburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, Durban
  • Causes reached: 370
  • Causes impacted: 50+
  • Number of clothing boxes collected: 500
  • Volume of Joburg donations: 175 cubic metres
  • Other cool donations: Bedding, printers, books, prams, cots, toys, golf clubs, guitars, keyboards, computers, jewellery and 1 punching bag.
  • Number of social media impressions generated through the involvement of all South Africa's social citizens: 10 million 


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