The #uberforgood Spring Clean. SA's easiest way to donate!

I'm really excited to announce one of the (in my opinion) most innovative donation based campaigns that South Africa has ever seen. This is a taster of what's possible when a platform like forgood can collaborate with global technology brands. Scale. Sexiness. Impact in the social sector. Exposing people to how they can get involved and make a difference in this country. Building social citizens.

Hello to our new friends, Uber South Africa - and welcome to the #uberforgood Spring Clean campaign. You're going to see a lot of information hit social and traditional media over the next week. Here's a taster.

Importantly - you now have exactly 1 week to prepare. The campaign runs on Tuesday 8 September. Go find some stuff that our incredible collection of Causes can put to use in communities around the country. Here's the lowdown.

HOW WILL #uberforgood WORK?

  • Bag up your spring cleaned clothing, household items and box up your appliances, electronics and non-perishable foods for people or animals. Car seats are also accepted.
  • Sign up here if you are not yet an Uber user.
  • Open your Uber app on Tuesday, 8 September between 10:00 - 16:00.
  • Select the ‘FORGOOD’ vehicle view at the bottom of the screen.
  • UberVANs in Joburg and Pretoria, UberXLs in Cape Town and UberXs in Durban will arrive to pick up your items and drop-off your donation at the forgood depots free of charge.
  • Want some inspiration? Browse the 480 goods donation needs listed by Causes.
  • Read more on the Uber South Africa blog post here.

#uberforgood is not limited to individuals; corporates and their staff are encouraged to participate too by giving to those less fortunate this Spring. 

Donors are asked to personally bring their donations to the Uber vehicles as the drivers are unable to leave these unattended. In order for drivers to accept donations, clothing must be bagged and all appliances, electronics and non-perishable foods must be placed in boxes; this helps when packing the vehicle properly.

Should the vehicle requested already contain donations and your items are too large to be collected, you may have to request another vehicle. But no worries, it’s free!

#uberforgood will be in high demand so please be patient. 

If you are unable to request an #uberforgood vehicle on the day, just go to forgood and create your own Offer - an easy way to make sure your donation goes to a worthy cause!

#uberforgood – Clean out your cupboards and let Uber take care of the rest!

I'm excited. Are you?


  1. How will does ngo go about receiving the donations?

    1. NGO's need to be registered on (Click REGISTER link top right of the site) - also need to be active and through our approval process. If you aren't on - suggest registering quickly! Have NGO Certificate ready and a good idea of what you need...


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