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Wanting to make ones world a better place is a universal feeling and it is especially prevalent in the Millennial generation, who want their lives to count for more than just making money. So much so in fact, that social-networking sites such as LinkedIn, include volunteering experience as a key part of a person’s resume. Why? Research suggests that companies not only are more likely to recruit people with a history of community engagement, but they are also are more likely to keep them on, if they actively get involved in the company’s volunteer programmes. 

Enter forgood, an online social platform that connects passionate people with accredited Causes; “We want to build the digital ‘glue’ underneath the Cause sector,” says Andy Hadfield, the company’s CEO. “There are some fantastic organisations doing amazing things across the country; we’re is the central hub that connects individuals and corporates with those Causes.” 

Describing themselves as a social market place where skills, goods, services and information can easily be offered and asked for, forgood aims to achieve their objective of doing good by tapping into a group of forward-thinking individuals and businesses who would use the social platform to help with volunteering and community engagement projects. “Essentially we’re connecting the dots and making it easier for Causes who are constantly in need and individuals or groups who want to do good but have no idea where to start.”

“There are over 100 000 registered Causes in South Africa, but very few technology platforms that connect people who want to do good, to the organisations that need their help. We are the common denominator that will link the one to the other and in so doing, we’re facilitating real value for everyone involved,” says Hadfield. 

How can you join the doing good movement?

Visit and choose from the following options. 

Why would you want to sign up? 
  • Users can respond to existing needs and campaigns from an approved and accredited database of Causes. 
  • The easy to navigate website encourages users to create personalised offers around any interesting skills and passions they have and then matches these to the right Causes. (Everything from gardening, marketing, clothes and metalwork have been successfully matched to causes in early tests).
  • The platform offers business functionality that allows companies to manage internal CSI campaigns and report on the impact their staff are having through these mechanics.

What’s in it for the Causes?
  • Any Cause can create a free profile on forgood; once a background check has been done to establish their credibility, the profile goes live.
  • Causes can create a needs for time, goods or a required service.
  • Causes can receive and respond to Offers that interest them.

Forgood social links:
Facebook - /forgoodSA
Twitter - @forgoodSA


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