Mandela Day – how to get 67 minutes of maximum return.

Mandela Day is approaching and forgood is rollicking on, starting to scale nicely. Good times. Love it or hate it, Mandela Day does represent a way to bring more social citizens to the table. It represents an opportunity for you to get a taste of the social sector - feel what it's like to do something meaningful with your life outside of the cubicle rat race.

Give it a go.

Here's some info about our approach to Mandela Day. Giving is hard - we know. We're here to make it easy.

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Mandela Day – a simple idea, based on a great vision and an incredible role model. In a nutshell, all you need to do is give 67 minutes of your time on Mandela Day – easy. Yes, but, what is the real value of giving back? It might be all very good and well to paint the wall of your local community centre, but what if they didn’t really need the wall painted in the first place?

“Mandela Day has massive potential to harness real skills, match them to real needs and create measurable social impact,” says Andy Hadfield, CEO of forgood, an online platform that connects passionate people with accredited causes. 

“There are some fantastic Causes doing amazing things across the country, all of them need help in one way or another – be it a volunteer’s time, goods or services – however, there isn’t a central point that connects individuals or corporates with those Causes,” says Hadfield. “We’re the common denominator that will link the one to the other and in so doing, we’re facilitatiing real value for everyone involved.” 

Describing themselves as a social market place where skills, goods, services and information can easily be offered and asked for, forgood is a central hub for individuals, groups and Causes.

Which takes us back to Mandela Day, how can your 67 minutes add real value? “Simple,” says Hadfield, “log onto forgood, find a Cause in your area that has listed a need and sign up to help them, alternatively, create an Offer around a specific skill you have or something special you want to do and an interested Cause will contact you. It’s so much more exciting than watching paint dry and it it creates real measureable impact too.” 

The Mandela Day countdown has officially begun, Causes are being inundated with volunteer requests, be a part of the real value chain, visit forgood ( and choose from the following options. 

Examples of connections made through forgood:

Making an offer
A retired antiquarian book dealer offered his time to assist with valuing books at a book sale being hosted by a Cause very close to where he lives. Due to his experience with books, he was able to give a sense of the real value of their stock and as such the books were sold at market value. The Cause managed to raise considerably more funds than anticipated. 

Fulfilling a need
A student residence group was looking for a Mandela Day activity for 350 students, they decided to respond to a need created by a Cause on the forgood website. As a result of the connection, 350 students will be put to work on Mandela Day at the Rare Diseases Society of South Africa.

Forgood social links:
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