Property 24's #PerfectHome campaign and competition...

Property24 recently asked me what I thought my #PerfectHome would be... They're running a competition, giving away a bunch of homely prizes to people tweeting about their #PerfectHome and linking to cool properties they find on the site.

They thought it was a wine farm. Must have been the Real Time Wine vibe.

Hah! Don't they know that the easiest way to make a small fortune is to start with a large one and invest in wine? It appears this meme carries through to quite a few disciplines...

But it did get me thinking, especially about how your definition of a "perfect home" changes drastically depending on life situation. Take kids. My perfect home has to be kid proof. That's not only kids falling off balconies and into pools - but also kids destroying my priceless collection of X with a long, drawn out Mutant Turtles vs Batman sword battle (with ninja stars as secondary weapons).

Homes are tricky.

So my choice isn't going to be a home home. It's going to be a holiday home. There'll be less chance to break things through sheer restriction of the amount of time you can actually spend there. 

Recently went to Umdloti in Durban. What an awesome seaside town. None of the pretentiousness of Ballito or Umhlanga. Property prices about 50% cheaper. Beaches less crowded. Peaceful. Chilled. Lots of old people. Great bunnies.

If I had to pick - a little beach house there would do me fine. Like this one. I'll start saving. It's a lot more attainable in Umdloti than it is in Cape Town. I'm guessing you still have to be German to get a beach house there.

Don't you love the palette furniture? So chilled. My family has done something similar before, little palette furniture tables and chairs in an outside "breakfast nook".  


Here's the #PerfectHome ad, although it doesn't mention the Twitter based competition. Go have some fun, tweet using the # and dream a little :)

*please note this post was paid for.
**but I got to talk about beach houses - and my kids - so wah!


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