Startup. The best podcast a tech entrepreneur will ever listen to.

That sounds melodramatic. But I mean it to be. Startup ( is probably the best produced, most emotive and most story packed Podcast I've ever listened to.

Billed as the "behind the scenes story you never get to hear, the one often consigned after the fact to a garage success story". It's the story of a guy coming out of NPR (public radio in the US) and doing a startup, while recording it every step of the way.

It's impossible that you won't find something to identify with in this story. The difficulty of naming a company (it's the only horrid result, Gimlet Media, ouch). The emotional drain on your spouse. The brilliant ideas that hit you 3am only to be turfed the next day for being patently ridiculous. The enormous amount of practice it requires to "pitch" (the episode where the protagonist pitches to Chris Sacca is probably one of the most real entrepreneurial moments you'll ever hear recorded). The list goes on.

It's riveting listening. They're 8 episodes in. Each episode is under 30 minutes.

Do yourself a favour and go back and start from the beginning. Thank me later.


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