ZA Tech Show Episode 286 - Why is there this big sausage on my tablet?

Andy Hadfield surfaces from his life of purveying wine, beer and now fantasy sports for an appearance on the ZA Tech Show. He joins Brett Haggard and Adam Oxford for a discussion on:
  • A report back on World Wide Worx’s Mobility 2014;
  • Xbox One sells 1m in 24 hours;
  • The Kinect Maker (PrimeSense) has been sold to Apple;
  • No red rings of death for the Xbox One;
  • The Playstation 4 coming to FNB’s finance deals;
  • Virgin now accepts Bitcoin for space travel;
  • The newly launched Lenovo Yoga Tablet 8; and
  • Andy’s new project: Puntr.

Our technology picks of the week are:
  • Brett picks the Nifty MiniDrive for the 13-Inch Macbook Retina;
  • Adam picks the Afrimakers project.
  • Andy picks ‘Games’ (all of them).


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