Curated Twitter Events. The power of reach.

We've run 5 or 6 experiments over at Real Time Wine, with some brave and pioneering wine farms - thought I'd share a snapshot of the results.

Idea: Social Media is very experience driven. Social Media connects people instantly. Leverage this for virtual events in the form of a wine tasting. Gather everyone together for an event that can be watched by the 90% of people who don't usually contribute to these kind of online activities.

A curated Twitter experience if you will. Something I've highly enjoyed and am happy to do for other brands. Ping me :)

Method: We sell wine to our SuperFAN Club - important thing to note here is this is how we ensure the SAME wine is in the hands of 10, 20, 30 people. Those people then organise a little event at their house (this is the first reach multiplier). I curate / MC the event. And all public facing members of the brand / wine farm usually attend (farm owner, marketing, wine maker etc.).

What's been amazing to watch is not only the fantastical experiences that come out, but the sheer performance reach of these kind of events.

Some of the funnier moments... "Sprinklings of white people" was an autocorrect error on a Haut Espoir tasting (white pepper!). The Brenaissance team likened their wine to a WonderBra (which prompted a quick design exercise). The Beau Joubert team entertained us with Chenin Blanc jelly - and that's just the start. Half the moments were content gold, to be leveraged at a later stage by the brand. The other half were "you had to be there" moments - which is perfect, lends to the sense of exlcusivity of experience.

Sprinkling of white people? The wonders of auto correct! @KonfytBekkie is famous for this one.

Careful what you say on Twitter - it may end up as a JPG :)

What's really amazing is the kind of reach that can be achieved through a crowd of highly engaged, passionate people. Here's the reach graph (we used KeyHole to generate this) from the Creation Wines tasting. It's not too hard to go out on a limb and say that most brands would be pretty stoked if they could generate a reach per user at this kind of ratio.

Let's see where this goes...


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