How to play PUNTR

Here are the rules for playing PUNTR, a realtime sports prediction startup that I'm involved in.

Predicting who’s going to win a game is OK… Predicting the micro-moments within the game, showing your skill at calling the little swings that make the difference between winning and losing… THAT’S PUNTR.

When a moment occurs during a game (corner, free-kick or penalty), a selection of possible outcomes will be pushed to your screen. Tap on what you think will happen.

Incorrect call: -2 points
No Call: -1 points (so keep an eye on the game!)

Corners (8 points)
  • GOAL is when… well, you know.
  • DEFENDED! Occurs when a shot is missed, the goalkeeper catches or deflects the ball out of play, a defensive free kick is called or when the ball leaves the “Big D” off the feet of a defensive player. 

Direct Free Kick (8 points)
  • As above

Man DOWN! (10 points)
  • When a player hits the floor and you hear a whistle (it happens, more often than we'd like to admit!) - you'll be called CARD or NO CARD. Simple. Don't be afraid to get emotional.

Penalty (20 points)
  • Here you’ll be calling whether the offensive player goes LEFT, MIDDLE or RIGHT in terms of direction. Or a MISS or SAVE occurs. With penalties, unlike Corners, it’s all about what happens with the first kick, not the end result of the game moment.

GOAL COMING! (40 points)
  • At any stage of the game, you can tap the GOAL COMING button. You’re predicting that a goal will be scored in the next 45 seconds. If that happens, you get 20 points. Same rules apply for an incorrect call.
  • You can only hit this button 8 times during a game.

How to log into a game
  • You can log in to play a game 15 minutes before it begins on TV, just tap the game you’re interested in. When you do so, you’ll be taken to the gameplay screen where you’ll see an In Game Leaderboard and Your Ranking. This will be the main screen that you see for the whole game. Wait for moments to occur and we’ll push the options to your screen.
  • Don't leave this screen until the game is over otherwise you'll have to start again!

You can leave the game at any time using the Menu, just remember your position on the In Game Leaderboard will be lost. All your points will remain under your username for the “World” Leaderboard. If you’re inactive for 30 minutes, you’ll be automatically cleared.

Have fun and let us know what you think. We’d like PUNTR to be the game within the beautiful game. Drop us an email:


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