Giving away 12 cases of wine on Real Time Wine...

Thought I'd let you know about a funky competition we're running on Real Time Wine. Not just for promo's sake - but because we're trying something a little off centre. Using a competition, to promote a competition. I'll let you know if it works!

2 ways to win. And it's a pretty freakin' amazing case of wine. And there are 12 of these pretty freakin' amazing cases of wine. So pay attention.

We're trying to up the amount of rating and reviewing on the app. We're sitting on about 14,000 consumer reviews and 25,000 ratings. That's pretty mindblowing for a market as small as South Africa. But it's still not in "shoot the lights out" territory as far as I'm concerned.

So over the next 4 weeks, we're giving away wine (6 cases in total) every Friday to randomly drawn users who have made it onto the Top 30 Leaderboard. Sweet.

Then. We're giving away another 6 cases if you'll help us promote this competition. Hah! To help promote it, GO TO THIS WEBSITE, enter and email the hell outta your friends. And share the hell outta this on social.

Because everyone deserves more free wine.

Interested to see how the dual competition tactic works as a marketing approach. Always had my doubts about competitions adding seriously authentic users - but this one is linked to product usage, so we'll see.

Also make sure you check out the platform we're using to run this. Contest Domination. $100 to run a full integrated, virally competition. Grow your email database and give away some shit. All you do is add the images and copy. Really top notch product.

GO. And be merry.


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